In Memory of Nick Massi


"Another year has gone by since your passing. You're still loved, missed and admired very much by family, friends and fans, especially those of The 4 Seasons  and The Jersey Boys. The music will live on forever and so will your spirit."

                                 - Patti Massi-Candeliere

The Other Side Of

           Nick Massi

Nick Massi is most often known as being one of the original members of the 4 Seasons and The Jersey Boys.  While he was an extraordinary singer and performer, his family and friends knew of another talent and passion of his.  Much like his music career, he had another exceptional skill: Nick Massi was an incredible artist! 

As his daughter, I hold many fond memories of Dad, but there is one in particular I would like to share with you.  A few years had passsed since his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1990) and his birthday was approaching.  I knew that I wanted to give him something special, so I took him to lunch and afterwards an art supply store.  I wanted to help foster his artisic abilities and told him to pick out a present.  As he carefully chose an easel, paint and of course the canvas, I could see the joy and excitement in his eyes; it was the best gift I could have given him.   The rest is history! From that point on, painting became a regular part of his life, in addition to his music of course! As a family, we always knew of our father’s incredible artisit abilitiy, even at a young age. 

One of the most often questions I get asked [regarding his painting] is: “What type of art did your father do?”  Here, you will be able to explore the many beautiful masterpieces created by my father, who liked to work on a wide variety of projects, including scenic, religious, celebrity portraits, nudes and other forms. 

Here you will be able to explore my father’s life outside his music and see a whole other side of him so rarely seen by the public.  I am so very proud of my father for his incredible acheivements, his unconditional love and the memories he leaves me with. 

I know the other side of Nick Massi… now here’s your turn!


 I Love You Dad.

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